Tova Kove
Intuitive Consultant/Psychic-Medium

"Tova's psychic channel is amazingly clear and so spot on. She was able to read my husband from a picture on my cell phone, described his personality in strikingly perfect detail, and went on to describe his quandry, all before I even was able to pose my question! All of my readings from Tova have been special not only because of her immense talent as a psychic, but because of her compassionate and caring nature."
Becky F., Glen Rock, NJ 

“I thought I knew what a 'psychic' reading would be until I had my first experience with Tova and it was nothing like what I expected. I felt like I was being guided in the right direction instead of being told what to do. It has helped me trust my own instincts and be more open minded. I am truly grateful for my experience.” 
Melissa F., Bayside, NY

“Tova is a sensitive, caring, intuitive with great gifts of clairvoyance and insight.” 
 Julie F., NY, NY

"Tova gave me so much clarity at a time when I really needed guidance... Not only did her reading hit the mark on so many levels, but so much of what she saw has been coming true. I'd have her read me again in a heartbeat!" 
Stacey R., NY, NY

“Tova is an incredible person with an amazing gift!  Tova is warm, truthful, compassionate and truly cares. Her calm, professional and understanding personality put me at ease almost instantly.  In just a few minutes, without giving her any information Tova was able to give me specific details about my life.  She is upfront and honest, not pretending to see everything, yet what she saw was clear and right to the point.  She allowed me to gain insight into my present and future. My reading with Tova was my first experience, I look forward to the next one. I would recommend Tova to anyone!” 
Keith G.,  NY, NY 

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