Your Psychic Reading with Tova

Tova Kove
Intuitive Consultant/Psychic-Medium

What to Bring 
Bring an object that belongs to you and has NOT been previously owned by another person (e.g., NO antiques or hand-me-downs). I will be psychometrizing this object and need to ensure that the energy and impressions I receive from this object belong to you and only you. 

If the reading is done online, I psychometrize your voice. 

Bring a written list of 15 questions. Please write them in the order of importance to you, as I may not be able to get to all of them. 

You may bring any photos with you. These pictures can be of those alive or deceased. Please come in with specific questions regarding the photo. If the reading is done virtually, please have the pictures ready to text or email.  Pictures without sunglasses are best.

Bring a pen and paper to your psychic reading. It is very important to have a record of the messages you will receive during the reading. Sometimes clients have difficulty validating a message at the time of the psychic reading. It can be as quick as an hour later that you look back to the reading and it makes sense. 

You are welcome to bring a recording device to record your psychic reading. 

What to Expect
Each psychic reading is 45 minutes long. I will give an in depth, detailed reading consisting of answers to your questions and impressions that are brought to my attention. If I do not know an answer I will tell you. I will not make something up. There are things that spirit might not want us to know and/or change. I will never give false information about what I see.

All predictions are made with the sincere intent of providing you with the most accurate information. Psychic readings are subject to forces beyond the control of any psychic. A guaranteed accuracy rate cannot be given. You are still the driver of your life and you have the choice to make changes in your life. I can only try to help steer you in the best direction.   

All psychic readings are confidential. 

I am not a psychotherapist or a medical doctor.  I will not make medical diagnosis.